Fashion Initiative

The Circular Fashion Initiative is a response to the 100 billion items of clothing reaching environment and landfill every year. Two-thirds is manufactured from polluting fossil-fuels, and even worse degraded recycled synthetics.

Sustainable, luxurious womenswear, founded deeply in environmental & social principles by Lee Klabin

Ethical and colorful sneakers consciously made by Pan Africa



We want to set the bar really high. ABSOLUTE circularity, not some wishy washy recycling pledges – we’re advocating fully circular models, apps which drive circularity, upcycling/refashioning services and second life clothing in all its myriad forms.

Not just "new"

NextGen plant-based & biofabricated materials can play a part in circularity, but they are not the heart of circularity.

NOORISM is an upcycle brand focused on taking apart jeans and using the pieces to create new items of clothing and accessories.

Longevity is central

Longevity is central – we have enough clothing on the planet; better longevity could improve this even more. If we had a moratorium on clothes buying for one month, the impact on the planet would be enormous. This has major implications for brands, factory owners and workers – the path forwards is not simple.